Flood Light Scheduler

Project: Flood light scheduler

Aim: Reduce power cost by turning on/off the flood lights.

Specs: Simple, cheap, autonomous, manual over ride

Proposed plan: arduino with clock module for a scheduler, at a predetermined time turn on/off (say 1800 to 0130) on Tuesdays.

Location of controller: at switch for flood light, powered by local power supply.

Switching gear: contactors / ssr’s wired in series (changed) to manual switch

@merseyless is putting together the controller

Please let me know if you can help

The led lit sign on the woodworking building is arduino and rtc Controlled. I’ll post the build log soon. We should move this discussion to a new build log itself @nogg3

This might be relevant, I designed and priced all of this a while back but never implemented.


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Just a reminder that any ELV electronics need to be adequately segregated from the LV to meet AS3000 requirements when designing the control gear. Having LV faults over LAN cables is a very bad idea.