MemberMatters (HSBNE Portal) Updates

This thread will become a sort of change log so everyone here can stay up to date with updates that are done to MemberMatters (our portal software).

v1.0 has been released


  • First official release :smiley:
  • Users can set a profile picture
  • Logo and Favicon can be set from admin interface
  • Removed all HSBNE specific references/configuration
  • Made everything configurable from the constance admin interface
  • Added support for dynamically generating space directory JSON endpoint
  • Wrote getting started (both runtime and dev) docs
  • All dependencies are up to date as of this release (including update to Django 3)

I’ve started working on a completely new front end (user interface) built from the ground up. It is being built with modern JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, webpack, babel and Quasar.

I thought I’d update everyone as I’ve finished the base layout. The biggest changes are it now follows proper Material Design guidelines, all pages will fully support mobile devices and it now supports dark mode! Here’s a preview:

Another update, I’ve been hard at work on the new user interface. I’ve now finished off the following things:

  • Recent swipes page
  • Last seen page
  • Check access page
  • Webcams page
  • Dashboard page
  • Login (without password reset button, that page isn’t done yet) and logout pages
  • Implemented a caching system for data so it loads really quickly and updates in the background

I’ve finally gotten this framework I’m using to compile a mobile app now. So it’s now pretty trivial to compile the new frontend I’m working on to a hybrid mobile app for iOS, iPad, and Android.

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I’ve implemented a really nice auto saving system for the new portal. Just wanted to share.


It’s super annoying when you go to perform some action, like say submit a form etc but you’re session has expired (ie you’ve been logged out) when you go to submit it. A lot of sites will kick you over to the login screen and you have to start again. I’ve implemented a re-authentication flow that will prompt you to login then you can continue what you were doing. :slight_smile:


I’ve just added a new statistics feature to the portal homepage. For now, it’s just filled with the current number of members signed in on site. In the future it will be expanded to include other fun statistics like average time on site, total swipes per day/week etc.

A quick update with a few changes:

  • Added the doors/interlocks pages back
  • fixed the password reset flow
  • the registration form now works again
  • the webcams page has been fixed and is pulling snapshots
  • the incorrect username or password error message was changed from a generic one to a specific one
  • made the email field in the login form case insensitive and change the registration form to save all email addresses in lowercase
  • added the manage member component to the mobile modal so you can actually manage a member on mobile now