Membership Survey - What do you want from HSBNE in future?

Hey folks,

Regardless of whether you’re at the working bee event you can help out!

Most of the documentation that needs updating is the following:
Major Tooling - Where it is, Who Inducts for it, what it does, what it has been used for, where can documentation/manuals be found and last but not least - How to use it, along with things to consider,
Causes/Space Areas - What this area is used for, who runs it, what might you find in this area (smaller tools etc) and maybe a consumables list you’d expect to find in the area.

Additionally, in case none of that floats your boat, I’ve ported across a Manual I wrote about the space a while ago that could be a good primer for newbies. It can be found at

Have at it :slight_smile: