Metal Shop Rearrangement/New Equipment

(Buzz) #21

Chino - this cnc equipment (lathes x2?) that u mention bringing onsite, is this your own personal project, where u own said equipment and will be taking it offsite again at some point(eg you are repairing it using hsbne resources), or perhaps its a loan to the space… whete you’ve gotten the agreement of the group at a meeting(, or at least approval from a cause leader) that your loan is agreeable , or is this a 100% donation of this equipment to hsbne with no strings…? This needs to be very clear up-front, preferably before you bring something large onsite!

(Brendan Halliday) #22

As far as I’m aware there have been discussions RE this but no solid agreement or plan worked out about when and where they’re coming.

Chino, you’ll need to work with @Drew_Spriggs to organise that properly before they come on site.

(Drew Spriggs) #23

Much spring, so compression, wow

(Drew Spriggs) #24

Oxy leads replaced and tested, no more leaks.

(David Thomson) #25

Keep up the good work Drew.

(Drew Spriggs) #26

New bandsaw coming on Monday.

Amazing what favours you can call in for a few hours welding!

(Drew Spriggs) #27

Good news - we have our new bandsaw.

Bad news - the TIG regulator is leaking.

I’ll be over to build the saw on Saturday, however it won’t be operational until we have interlocks fitted.

(Drew Spriggs) #28

Huge thanks to @zach.forrester for giving me a hand to get this bad boy back together. Just need to hook up the direction switch, bolt the top bearing plate on and calibrate the speed, but looks like we will have a fully functioning mill tomorrow.

(Drew Spriggs) #29

Done, including hectic racing sticker. Calibrated thanks to @flyonly, trammed thanks to @rut4ger.

Next project will be building the new bandsaw (however it won’t be working until interlocks are fitted), then dealing with the cutoff saw of death. Current napkin math RPM puts the blade spinning around the 5000rpm mark. For a blade that size, this is MUCH too fast (most others are 3000-4000rpm). I’m fairly sure this is the cause of the blade wo.bble, which is most definitely not ideal when you have a few kilos of abrasives spinning over 10m/s. If we want to keep this, which I think we should if we can fix up it’s gremlins, we have two options - change the motor pulley over to run somewhere in the 3000-4000rpm range OR gear it way down and use this at a dry saw. We have an incredible amount of torque to spare, so this would be excellent - the only issue is it would need to be HEAVILY interlocked, as the blades are very expensive

(Drew Spriggs) #30

Small update: Supersub has been rebuilt with more betterer porting, and connected back to Superstack. :+1: to workshop tunes.

A few days away from interlocks, as soon as they’re done the new bandsaw will be up and running

(Drew Spriggs) #31

Fixed the power feed on the mill as there was an issue with the motor not engaging with the crown gear, and gave all our machinery a good clean/oil/grease.

(Drew Spriggs) #32

Shop welder fixed - new gas diffuser/insulator/gas shield/contact tips; actually the right size for the wire we’re using. Welds like a dream now aside from I think is poor contact in the handpiece occasionally - but that’s a job for another day.

If you ever have to replace any of these PLEASE let me know beforehand as I have a stash of correct spares.

(Drew Spriggs) #33

Bandsaw adjusted -again-. It’s not particularly the correct blade (TPI too low), but it’s still cutting pretty square for the 75x75x4 I put in there. If you have to cut thin stock, PLEASE SET THE HORIZONTAL FEED RATE TO VERY SLOW.

I’ll update the wiki to add in the correct blade information.

(K John Gough) #34

Hi All. Browsing some old threads (equipment wish list) I notice a rotary table for the mill was wished for. Not sure whether one was subsequently purchased.

I have a Vertex HV-6 which I am happy to bring in on a short term basis whenever anyone has a particular job that needs it. [Vertex HV-6]{}. I have the dividing plates, a front-mounting 3-jaw chuck, and a mounting adaptor for a small 4-jaw chuck. No tailstock however. Let me know if you need it.