Plotter power supply repair

dkong, As per my comments about the photo above, the browning around the 2SK1985 was not due to a one of catastrophic event.

Also as Patrick tried replacing this transistor and got no improvement I really think you probably have bad electros, and any other fault will be a cause rather than an effect.

If you are not near Brisbane, there will probably be some other place somewhere near you that you can go to pull off the capacitors and hook them up to an ESR meter.

Worse case you can buy an adequate ESR meter off ebay for not many dollars. The cheap ones just need you to be very careful to discharge the caps before testing.

It looks like there is only 8 or so electros on that board. Should not be to onerous to pull them all out and test them (make sure you mark +ve before you pull them out or take a good close up photo)

I still have my old board sitting here, which you can come and grab for
free of you end up frying yours! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It would just put you back to square one, though…