SydneySolvents Order

I’d like to organise a group buy / ship from

I think HSBNE probably could use a few things, namely IPA, Degreaser, Partwasher, Limonene/Citrus cleaner, Disinfectant, Window/Glass Cleaner, Acetone etc. Makes sense to get a bulk container of a lot of these to keep in store room / appropriate flammables cabinet depending on item.

Electronics/Digifab both use IPA heavily
Electronics/Craftpunk use Acetone
Mechanical/Metalshop use Degreaser, Parts Wash
Woodshop I assume uses turps, methylated spirits.
If we do a paint area probably Wax & Grease remover and Xylene (paint thinner)

Green Room / Kitchen for the more householdey things.

We can set a budget as a proposal if people managing areas want to sound off with what they would like.

If people want to add on for personal items, we can do that. I will be putting some things in the order for my own shop.

Sounds good, I agree.

IIRC we still have a bug stockpile of disinfectant from Covid times. I think it’s in the storeroom or out by the toilets

is it spray disinfectant or is it hand sanitizer?

If its ours we should move it into the store room, as the area next to the womens bathroom is not our lease area.

Bumping this, want to make it happen. @Ryan1 @Raf @Ale_More @Antifoo David C etc. Please weigh in. @Kyia are there things here we can use to simplify stockroom supplies?

I think it probably makes more sense for mechanical to handle solvents as they’re good for disassembly & cleaning parts and not really for metalshop functions. All metalshop really needs to stock is oils for lubrication and cutting. If we’re going to have bulk solvent stores, we definitely need to store them properly. The oils metalshop stores are not classes as flammable liquids so we could probably just move them to a regular cabinet and move the flammables one.

We dont need to order anything on the woodshop, thanks.

It probably would make sense to move the flammable liquids to mechanical.
I am not sure about the space constraints in the mechanical workshop at the moment but I will do some measuring and see if the flammables cabinet fits with some adjustments.

Fwiw, it could probably go in the ‘paint’ container, if space is a concern. I don’t think its a big issue what area these things live in.

There are a few 250L flammables cabinets on marketplace atm, for 1-1.3k. If the space wanted to grab a bigger one i would be interested in buying the 100L one in metalshop, fwiw.

I agree solvents should be stored correctly, 100%.

Would it be an idea for there to be a stock list printout and msds folder in a holder on the cabinets perhaps?

I’d like people to think more hollistically about this, and i suspect people are seeing the word solvents and not actually looking at what they sell. For example:

I think people use these things more than you assume. @Ryan1 says metalshop doesnt use solvents, but i betcha tig welders reach for the acetone pretty regularly. Or any shop with a machine will want degreaser now and again. Or a spray bottle with detergent to spot leaks.

At minimum i think we regularly use/need IPA, acetone, degreaser, sanitiser, detergent, citrus cleaner and parts washer fluid. I dont know if woodshop stocks things like turps or mineral spirits. If we want to have more painting onsite xylene and grease and wax remover makes sense. We were talking the other day trying to identify the correct solvent to soak clean the laser cutter bed struts in, so theres another use.

We might have stock of these things currently, but its worth looking to see if the bulk price is significantly better than just going to bunnies for a bottle whenever. Or just convenience, buy another 20L drum every 6 months in a bulk run and everyones sorted.

How do we go about this practically?

  1. Make a proposal to get funding for the bigger flammables cabinet
  2. Move the flammables to the "paint’ container and hand over responsibility to Mechanical - has to be discussed in a mechanical team meeting
  3. Sell the old flammables when we get the “new” one

Sounds about right?

Hi Joshua,

From your list :

would class as flammable for storage (either as DG Class 3 or GHS Flammable).

It’s also worth noting that there are probably other products used on site (pickling pastes, acids, etc) that will have a different DG or Poisons designation that may also need segregated storage (i.e. not in the Flammable Storage locker) and may require that specific remedies are kept on site (e.g. using products that contain hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bifluoride on site - often found in pickling pastes - would require you keep a supply of calcium gluconate gel on-hand).

Also, unless there is a specific need for both xylene and toluene, settle on one or the other. Similarly MEK and Acetone. Unless they are being used for a specific purpose in a paint thinner formulation, these products act virtually identically from a cleaning perspective. Toluene and Acetone are faster evaporating (and have a lower flash point) than Xylene and MEK, but similar in solvency for their respective families.

This is great info, thanks so much.

Re storage we have flammable storage but no separate other safety-related storages. I’ll have to look up what the standard is re poisons and corrosives.

I think the difficulty for us with stuff like this is how do you find out this sort of thing, to know what you dont know. Is this sort of information typically in the msds or?

Super interesting re acetone/toluene and xylene/mek. Good to know that if we do need them its not worth doubling up.

If you have questions, just ask.

We process about 50kl a week of dangerous goods and I used to be a technical specialist in solvents many years ago. We have most of what you’re looking for at our Geebung site. Xylene, ethanol, degreasers, detergents, pickling agents. Not acetone or MEK because we don;'t do paint thinners - but a VAST range of other products.

As I said, if you have any questions, just ask.

Also, and not as advertising, you can contact me at Industrial Cleansers Pty Ltd - 0732656311. I can give you pricing on the equivalents to Sydney Solvents (and as we’re local you won’t get hit for shipping costs).

If you’re looking for info on storage and handling :

Labelling Requirements :

Guide for flammable/combustible liquids :

Risk Management :

Additionally : Requirements for appropriate PPE, Manifest Quantities and maintaining registers of Hazardous Materials (both in DG (QFES requirement) and GHS (WH&S requirement) formats).

If you have a technical query - like, what sort of solvent or chemical is useful for a specific job - just ask me.