Would the hackerspace be intrested in a secondhand solar system

I have some identical panels at home, also with yellowing, they were removed from the previous owners for aesthetic reasons, and appear to put out 100%.
I gave mine a really good scrub (not with any steel things) to remove buildup, and would love to put then on my roof.,. I’m just looking for a qualified installer to assist.

From my understanding all the solar panels are earmarked for a space project

Does the efficiency of these panels matter to you?

The efficiency would not be a problem if the price is good, but if they’re still suitable for the space project as-is then it’s no biggie. The urgency is off (survived woodford using two secondhand 26Ah SLA’s bought for $50) but longer-term I think having a few cheap 180+w panels on the roof of the suv will be the go for future expeditions.

You’re correct, but this project is becoming a royal pain in my ass so really the less panels the better, otherwise we need a battery bank to suit the array.