YAG Laser Megathread

Exciting stuff, we have our very own megalaserblaster on site :slight_smile:

Moving it went well on thursday, very little dramas.

From here, this is the list of things to do, not comprehensive, in no particular order, and in no particular level of importance (ie not all these need to be done before we can operate)

  • I’m currently talking to manufacturer to get every bit of doco out of them i can
  • Verify that the compressor can produce 8 bar (120psi) continuous for the laser
  • Source an air line dryer, either on its own, for the whole shop or just for the laser. In general need to assess our shop air. The cnc coming will also need shop air fwiw.
  • Get the power for the laser. This is a mission but after thursdays meeting with cbre and edq i have a path forward. I dont have a timeline, we have to jump through a bunch of hoops first.
  • The control pc for the laser needs to be imaged so we have a backup
  • Control pc needs some kind of security lockdown, like deepfreeze.
  • All the cds, software paperwork etc that came with the laser needs to be digitised
  • Figure out having a second pc installed in the control unit, perhaps a nuc. This is so we can have users interacting with that pc, with whatever software they need without messing with the control pc. Needs some basic way to easily transfer files to the control pc. Control pc shouldnt have any network access. Can have a second monitor and use synergy or we can put a basic kvm in there to swap between.
  • The chiller, control and laser all need to be reconnected to each other.
  • We need to figure out and document the workflow for making filtered/treated water for the chiller. Probably a pair of black ibc’s?
  • Chiller at some point should be ducted out of the shop in some way.
  • Gantry over the laser needs both/either a sheet metal clamp or a magnetic pickup for transferring heavy sheets easily to the bed.
  • Have to bring in the seller for a training session with a team of people to learn once its up and running. need people to video this session
  • Once we are trained, need to turn that into a course on canvas

So to break that down into some headlines:

  • Compressed air
  • Power
  • Water management
  • Control PC
  • Training and Documentation

I’ve started a wiki page for it here using the new template: https://wiki.hsbne.org/tools/metalshop/yaglaser

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Hey @Eris! I know you’ve been doing a bit of work on the laser so I just wanted to poke you for an update. How’s everything going? Is there anything blocking your from making progress? I am keeeeen as a bean to get this machine working! :joy:

I have cloned the HDD as per the wiki. Returned the HDD. I need a general or executive consensus that I’m allowed to replace the currently broken water filter in the kitchen with a reverse osmosis system I can donate. I also need funding for replacement filter cartridges. The biggest holdup is the mechine needs to be electrically connected which needs 1) landlord letting us install power points 2) an electrician with all their fingers intact to put the machine itself together, preferably the electrician who took it apart. Then once the machine has its final placement I will need help installing a welding curtain around the 2 accessable sides of the unit.

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Sounds like you’ve been making some great progress!

I don’t think we’d need landlord approval to do such a thing, but might be good to check with @devians first. Other than that, is there any reason you aren’t able to put it up for a vote for next weeks meeting? :slight_smile:

I know @devians is working tirelessly to get the electricity problems sorted, hopefully it’s not too long now!

Would it make sense to hire an external contractor to do this so that it can be done quickly and properly?

Happy to help with this! Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll do whatever is needed. :slight_smile:

if you can take a proposal to the upcoming general meeting we can set up a budget there for any filter systems, ibcs, trolleys etc. whatever solution you want to run with. So lets just do it that way?

We probably want to look into a nuc and another screen like we discussed? so budget for that also.

I’m covering all the electrical works, it is moving, just slowly. I’m kicking it regularly though and I’m hoping to have movement this week. We have the contractor lined up etc. I plan to come to next meeting to set a ‘general electrical improvements’ budget.

The machine wont be moving from its current location.

I think welding curtain would be the nicest solution and theoretically we can get it to block the incidental UV (which is the major risk), but I dont think you can get ‘laser safe’ curtain for reflected rays?

@Eris if you want help with this let me know what you need and I can help you put together a proposal.

By the time we get power to the machine, my wee little finger will be fine to rewire the machine. It’s very much plug and play anyways, bar the mains input and the connections for the flash tube. I’m happy to reassemble it when we’re ready.

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Awesome! Good to hear. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to start new threads for the major laser topics for people to put their hands up to work on.

  • Power
  • Compressed Air
  • Water management, filtration and treating
  • Control PC(s) and workflow
  • Safety: Barriers, PPE, Procedures etc
  • Training and Induction

I’ve done a bit of butchering just because each of these topics were stepping all over each other.

Lets do some focussed planning in each specific thread! :slight_smile:

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