125CC Go-Kart

So a couple months ago, Sven2 donated us a go-kart he started work on many years ago, then put off to the side and forgot about. The plan is to teach some of you other people around the place some fabrication skills with it. A bunch of people have expressed an interest in learning to weld, and I think this will be a good opportunity to do that. Then at the end we’ll have a fun little machine to fool about on.

My questions are, who’s keen, and what night/day is good for those interested? I’m thinking a wednesday or thursday evening, about 6:00 might be good.


I’d be up for it. I work on Wednesday nights but would be keen for Thursdays.

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I’m keen. Wednesday or Thursday night at 6pm would be great.

Yeah man I’m down, I work till 9 so I will always be late but I can see this being a lot of fun. Hence why I started it so many years ago.
Wednesday or Thursday makes no difference to me so whatever works for other people.

Also keen. Any evenings work for me.

We still need a few things… a muffler would be nice. we should check with this guy on gumtree if we can get some cheap parts. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-seller/Mik/34858526. I thought we might be able to do some modifications to parts to make them fit.

Yeah, I’ve been messaging various people wrecking these chinese bikes. None have gotten back to me sadly. I sent that guy an email, hopefully I hear back from him. I was looking at the flange where it bolts up though and I think its something we have the technology to machine up.

On the other hand I can’t quite shake the feeling we should pool some cash together and buy a bigger bike, something around the 450-600cc mark and do a proper job of it, at least a 250cc. A dropped bike can be had for as little as $300 if we’re lucky. I doubt we’ll get the quoted 9hp out of that motor, and even if we did it’ll still be pretty dinky and slow. it’s pretty easy to find something cheap with 3-4 times the power of the little motor we have.


That could be a goer, depending on condition of the motor. Would be a pretty insane machine.

Also, depending on what everyone is feeling in regards to onroad/offroad, it might pay to get a quad bike to scavenge the suspension components from. Theres plenty of cheap quadbikes with suitable donor engine and suspension parts on gumtree too.

This quad might be just the thing … ?



Theres also that. But I’m a little worried about it being a bit of a wet noodle. I think something >250cc and from a more reputable manufacturer might be in order. I’ll ask around tonight and see if we can’t get some money together to get something a bit better.

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Something with reverse might make the kart more useful too

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