2016 UAV Challenge has been announced!

It’s a medical search and rescue requiring a 10km trip in each direction and a precision point landing “in a clearing”. And the ability to carry a much smaller payload… just a “blood sample”…

I’m guessing a lot of multi copters will be involved … but i personally want to do a VTOL of some sort.


VTOL? Count me in! Gonna be fun!

Do you have any designs in mind?
I so want to enter this comp.

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If you’re interested in the OBC please check the UAV cause thread. I proposed a meeting there to discuss if we are stupid enough to give it a go.

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Something conceptually like one of these appeals to me:




… but it will probably need to be a bit bigger as I expect we’ll also need to attach a computer and a vision system and a lidar and a failsafe system and a parachute and at least one long range telemetry radio and a camera gimbal and lots of wires…

detailed rules are now available as a PDF here: http://uavchallenge.org/medical-express/