2018 Australian Pop Culture Cosplay Calendar

It’s that time of year again - the 2018 Australian Pop Culture Cosplay Calendar is out! Each month features some of the best of Australian costumers strutting their stuff, some of which were worked on at HSBNE. This year’s charity we’re raising money for is beyondblue.

And if that isn’t enough reason to buy one, the calendar is filled with over 200 important dates - Movies, TV shows, Games, Conventions, Comic books, and even some random ones thrown in like Penguin Awareness Day. But wait, it gets better - wherever possible these dates aren’t just localised for Australia, but they’re State-specific too!

(Note: these are calendars, not colanders. Do not use to strain pasta)

Can’t make it to the space to get one? You can buy them online too, currently with free shipping! Both online and at-space versions come with a digital edition that can be imported to your calendar app of choice, and will be updated throughout the year in case any dates change.

…And a certain member’s DeLorean makes an appearance in March, too :wink:

(Great Schwifty!)