2024/07/01 Updates on Sumner activation

Hello everybody. First I wanted to thank you all the people that has been helping to get a new going, specially:


Progress so far

  1. We have move the most popular equipment to the new location.
  2. We have setup 3 phase power.
  3. We have a working layout and we have deployed compressed air and dust collection.
  4. We’ve got the IT infrastructure working within the network on the new location.

What’s next

We need to work towards opening the new site to people and increase membership again…

  1. we’ve recently resolved the interlock situation. Now everything is working, and once we get a lock on the door we should be able to open as normal.
  2. For the moment we could operate on a grey area in terms of site induction. We need to reinforce our diligence when it comes to keep the place looking good and available, own any mistakes and keep good communication.
  3. We need to make a new site induction and probably for the time being go back to the old in person induction.
  4. For the time being, is my opinion, we should have restricted ours to limit potential issues. Maybe 6am to 10pm.
  5. I’d like to start having the open days/Tours on Saturday’s mornings instead of tuesday nights.
    Is my opinion that for the time being we should restrict.
  6. We need to move the BE CNC to the new location.
  7. We need to resolve what are we doing with our surplus equipment and the storage on the Paint Factory.

I’ll be updating photos soon.

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Ale, thank you for the update.
But most importantly thank you for the huge input you’ve provided including countless hours, coordinating and motivating other people, negotiations etc.
We would not be re-opening without your dedication and input.

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