24" Disc Sander

A long time ago I spotted this disc sander on marketplace and jumped on it.

Preeeeetttty rough, but working. The disc is good steel and well balanced, and the bearing, pulley and motor are super solid. The rest? not so much.

I’ve not had the time until recently to devote headspace to this project but we’re moving on it finally. I have stripped it of all the key components.

I’m going to cut part of the frame for reuse, the big I beam essentially, but I’m keeping it intact for the moment while I do the CAD work required to figure out what the plan is.

The goals are:

  • New frame
    • Castors and feet for normal operation
    • Considering filling the frame with sand to make it absorb vibration.
  • New pulley cover/door that fully encloses it and is easily openable
  • Replace the work surface with a cast iron one from an old table saw
    • Allow the work surface to rotate from 0º to 60º (0º being 90º to the disc)
  • Add in an actual proper estop switch
  • Add a foot operated brake, the disc runs for a very long time after turning off and is quite dangerous. I’d also like to wire it so hitting the brake will also kill the motor.

I’m currently working out the mechanical details in CAD, you can follow the project here


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Table angle control

The plan at the moment is to get some 10mm steel laser cut. Mirrored design on both sides. The slot is for a bolt to ride in and retain the table. The holes are for an indexable plunger to lock into.

The goal is to:

  1. Allow picking any angle from 0º to 60º (not currently solved)
  2. Allow it to snap to common angles (every 5º in current design)
  3. Secure the table so it cant move up/down, forward/back (still thinking about this)
  4. Be fast to change the settings or remove to change the sandpaper.

I’m keen for peoples ideas/feedback in how i can make this mechanism really nice.

I’ve thought about bearings and the like but havent found an ‘elegant’ solution just yet. Have also thought about counterweights, again, haven’t found the ‘elegant’ solution.

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