240v 3d printer heaters

Is any one interested in 240v heating for 3d printing. I have designated a board (teensy uC) that can control 240v on a PID loop, it’s super simple. Needs a bit of work to get in perfect, but it works.

If someone wants to get some fast heating times get in contact, think it would be an interested project, along with possibility of selling a kit maybe?


What is the real advantage of going to 240v? I ask because the cable runs are fairly short, and 12v is presumably safer\more legal to wire yourself, especially because the moving platform likes to crack your cable joints so wire coming loose is a real problem.

Faster heat up times, less current

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I’d note that of the MM builds, there was no significant advantage to 240v over 24v in terms of heat up times etc. At least that I remember.

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Extruder or bed on 240?

Both, how long is heat up times on 24?

My printer on 24v had about 1min heat up times, usually less. For both hot end and bed. But dont take me as gospel, my printer hasnt worked for like, 2 years.

Its totally more dependent on an appropriate power supply than anything else … a 24v 10A supply puts out the same power as a 240v 1A one.:wink:

Yeah, I was using a 24v 30A supply. (I think, I remember the A rating being super high)

Fair enough, just personally not a fan of low voltage high power. Just seems easier on mains, but it does come with the danger factor.