3.3v regulator..?

anyone got some smallish 3.3v regulators lying around? ( for something like the esp8266 ) eg LD1117, LTC3113, TPS5403 , TPS62125, or anything really like any of these. ( ie 3.3v output regulator of at least 200mA ) …

If anyone has a couple at the hackerspace tonite, and can part with them ( I have $ ) , that would be awesome. the little 3.3v regulator/s on the typical arduino just don’t quite cut it.

If you don’t get any tonight I have a few of these on hand -> http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?keywords=AZ1117EH-3.3TRG1DICT-ND

If you need them ASAP, I can ask my room mate to get them from my room for you. (assuming they are going tonight)

@lhovo don’t worry about it…if I don’t find anyone else who has them tonite, I’ll pop over to jaycar tomorrow and pay their australia-tax for a couple of linear regulators.

for those following at home, this was resolved by Luke being awesome and arranging to get me the 3.3v regulators I needed. Thanks luke and helpers!