3 meter crocodile - large project proposal


I have been asked by a mate to help assemble a 3 meter long crocodile. It will need to be stored at the space for a maximum of 3 days for assembly Outside storage would be easiest for us, as that’s where we’ll be doing the welding.

Out the back of the woodshop would suit us as a place to work, do we have issue with the project being left out side over night? We can easily cover it with a tarp so it looks more discrete and tidy.

Any feed back relevant to getting this approved would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks team.
Zak Crow.

‘Out the back’ of the woodshop is ‘The front everyone walks past’ for the landlord. We just got yelled at for power cables out there, so lets keep that area as clear as possible. What about the concrete between woodshop and forge?

Sounds fine. We were concerned about shade. But I have a marquee I can bring in :slight_smile: So if you’re happy with that, I’m happy with that area too.

Are there any other concerns? I am happy to schedule it for say a week ahead, so people have fair warning that the mig will be in use for a max of 3 days. Does that sound suitable?