3d fillament

Hey, just throwing in a request for more colourfull filliment next time it needs to be restocked, the gray is very utaliterian, but a little drab, something a little brighter to lighen the mood :slight_smile:

To play devils advocate, one advantage of a neutral color is that its easier to paint over, allowing you to sand\paint to create much more than the one color the filament is (even match other props ect) and a much better surface finish. Also its been our finding in the past that changing filament (even between colors of the same make) needs significant tweaks to settings to get back to printing very well, so sticking with one sort that suits most applications is inherently advantageous.

Seriously? We’ve been printing with bright yellow filament for months. Go grey for a couple of weeks and this pops up shakes head

No need to be a negative Nelly, Ive only been here for 2 weeks :slight_smile:

I’ve bought some black ABS to replace what I’ve been using on my T-51b helmet build, it’s sitting in Digifab as of last night. In regards to the coloured filament, Bilby3D in the city has this but it’s not open until the 9th of January iirc.