3d printed model

Greetings all.

I was wondering if anyone can assist me with creating a 3D model for printing, as well as printing it.

I would like to know the estimated cost of creating the 3D model and the cost for 3D printing it also.

If the price is reasonable, I may get a few things done.
May also be able to use these models to generate income for HSBNE if that is something you are interested in.

Thanks all,

I mentioned Hero Forge in the other thread.

A company like Shapeways or Sculpteo will do a SLA or SLS (two different types of 3d printing) and quote based on the model you give them.

As for a model, you can look offer a commission through various services. Deviantart and Turbosquid are two sites I can think of; Photo streaming sites wil also have people spry irking for commissions.

You can dive into something like Blender yourself, but it will take a lot of time and practice to get to the tabletop quality people would usually get out of modifying plastic minis.

If it is minis you’re after don’t forget the old fashioned coolminiornot style conversions. There are a couple around the space who have Wallethammer/40k backgrounds (myself included) who could do an old fashioned sculpt.

Not wanting to brag, but I did get a 6.6 on CMoN once upon a time. (http://www.coolminiornot.com/189835)

If I describe what I would like, or draw it, could you give man idea of how much to make the sculpt.
If it was modifying current minis, I have quite a collection of the HQ ones.
But being a martial artist, I would prefer the Monks pose is authentic. A little OCD on my part I guess.

I will draw a monk in the pose I am after and can send it to you. Then let me know if you can and how much for you to sculpt (or rework) to create the mini.

And enjoyed your mini too, by the way.

A single picture isn’t really going to cut it; 3d modeling is a complex process that is really very time-consuming. If you’re wanting a commissioned work from scratch for 3d printing you’ll be wanting to hire someone to do said task. Nobody in-industry will work for anything less than $30\hr, and I believe $50\hr is fairly standard. On top of that, just making a digital sculpt doesn’t necessarily translate into the object being printable; that requires a whole lot more tweaking afterwards.
Naturally I can only talk from the perspective of 3d modelling, I can’t speak for how hard it would be to modify an existing miniature. Sorry to be such a stormcloud, I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea about what you’re asking.
Good luck!

Experience: 3d modeller and programmer in the Games industry

Are there any existing 3d models that could be modified? Try looking for something close to what you would like.(turbosquid) And post the links here. Its difficult to make something from scratch but modifying an existing model or combination of models maybe would be a lot easier.