3D printer hobbiest wanted for paid mentoring


I was recommended your space to ‘find someone’ :smile:

I work with a lovely lady. Who has a disability and finds it difficult to leave her house. She lives at Slacks Creek (Brisbane South)… and she has funding to assist her to link with someone socially and with her digital community. She has a spare room at her house that is a gorgeous little workshop and she is particularly passionate about 3D printing. She has a printer and has made a number of gorgeous things.

I am looking for someone who might be free Thursday afternoons to go to Slacks Creek. She has 4 to 5 hours of funding per week… for someone to work with her, show initiative about creating projects, talk and chat about 3D printing.

If this sounds like something you could do… its your hobby and someone will PAY YOU… to do. Can you contact me.

Kathleen - kathleen@kwsmgroup.com.au
0407 967 117

With Thanks