3D Printer Parts for Sale

I have a lot of bits and pieces left over from various things I’ve built in the last 5 years. I’ve got some medical bills I wasn’t expecting, so think it’s time I start getting rid of my hoard. All are new and unused.

300x300x9.5 machined ATP5 cast aluminium build plate (machined)
275x275mm 500w 220v Keenovo heater (pre-applied adhesive)
360w/24v MeanWell Power Supply
Fotek 40A SSR
Bills Prototype Studios billet extruder/hot end

I also have boxes of fans/connectors/etc that I’m never going to use.

New everything was about $550 all up, but would be happy for everything to go to a new home for $150. Will separate if there’s anything specific you want.