3d printer parts

so I built most of a prusa i3, having some issues with calibration and hotend. wondering if anyone has a couple of spare hot ends and extruders that have been checked to be working so that I can rule them out of the equation.
if someone has a complete extruder put together ready to put on a box frame i3 I would be most intrigued. let me know of price before please.

What do you mean by “calibration and hotend”?
Are you not getting it to heat up or having issues with temperature?

My apologies for thread hijacking but I am wondering if anyone has a jig for hobbing the bolt for the extruder

merseyless I thank you for your reply, unfortunately I forgot I posted this.
ok so the issue so far is that when I extrude the plastic (which I bought of someone at the space so it must be good quality I am almost positive it was you in fact) it appears to warp on the heated bed.
also I have tried hooking a pi up to the setup as the build is home grown and I really didn’t want to fry my computer lol.
as for calibration I was looking at the guides and no matter how hard I try the whole thing is always out by anywhere up to 5mm… am hoping to knock this down to under 1mm.
I was hoping that at some point on like a Tuesday or Wednesday I could pull apart my i3, bring it to the space and we rebuild from scratch using tools available down there to ensure its setup meets a standard. this won’t happen til tax time comes but was looking for someone who might have some spare time to dedicate to this project and another related one.

If you bring your printer to the hackerspace, we can demonstrate how to level your bed.
It sounds like you’re having bed adhesion issues, which can range from insufficient heating, improper bed material/preperation or an unleveled bed.

Grab a sheet of glass from the local framer cut to 200x200mm or a bit smaller, clamp it to the bed with bull clamps, and apply ABS juice if using ABS, or blue tape if using PLA. Details of this blue tape can be found online.

ABS juice is made with ABS plastic and acetone, An ideal storage container is a pharmacy bottle(brown glass bottle, shouldn’t cost more than $4). Apply a thin layer of that to the surface of the bed with a sponge and let it dry before printing. Best effect if this is done while the printer is hot. Note that a normal sponge will not do, the exact brand of sponge escapes me but I’m fairly sure its one of those eco hippy sheet sponge things.

Alternatively, hairspray can be used and works a treat, but some find it to not be as effective.

From the king of 3D printing (and seller of some of the best filament you can get for your printer).
Pritt glue sticks also work magically for print adhesion. (Yes apparently brand does matter)