3D Printer

Could the space make use of another small/slow 3D Printer. Replaced this one, due to the hot end breaking somehow. Being an ebay printer replacement parts were hard to come by. Ended up getting it working again, but now have no need for it. If the space has no need for it anyone else that’s interested gimme a yell.

Ebay listed this as “Reprap 3D Printer DIY Kit Prusa i3 clone”. Has heated bed, and is able to print most filament types.

Will require a little adjustment, but was working when last powered up a month or so ago. (Bed levelling and such) :expressionless:

(Includes some glow in dark yellow ABS filament. 1kg spool with ~70% left on it)

Photo or printer: http://coreymayor.com/3dprinter/printer.jpg

If the 'Space has no use of it, let me know what you’d like for it.


Similarly :slight_smile:

If I wanted to learn and do induction on using a 3D printer, how would I go
about doing it?

http://wiki.hsbne.org/tools/3dprinters is your best friend @a.b.e.n.n.y but we occasionally run workshops on getting started with 3d printing every 2-3 months. Keep an eye on our facebook for the next one.