3D Printing For a Non Member

Hi All,

I am helping my house mate with a product he’s developing, and am looking to print 3 pieces. I’m wondering if you provide printing services for non-members (becoming a member soon!), if so how much it would cost. If not, can you maybe point me in the direction of a 3d printer in the brisbane area? I’m new to the country and don’t know of any printing services. I’m also not experienced with 3d printing so I’m open to all advice.


Here is a screen shot of the parts: http://imgur.com/JZ6ku73

Do you have a stl file?

Sorry for the blatant advertising: http://3dprint-au.com/ they have a office in brisbane
no I have no attachment to them

I do :smile:

Thanks for the link, i also did some googling and found http://www.3dhubs.com/


I’d have to say that you would want to look at a professional printing service, as extrusion style printing is hard to get those sort of details, although it would be possible from a good printer. SLA printing would be best, but SLS would be my second choice. I doubt you’ll be able to twist Z-printer parts together, as they have a rough surface finish. I used to work at a 3D printing service in Brisbane, and made quite a few prototypes like this, with close fitting parts.