3d Scaning and 3d printing programs

hey guys. im new in town and i have never worked with a 3d printer, im a sculpter and i do most of my work by hand, and im wanting to save a Lot of time and let a computer do most of my work :P,

As i work with my hands i find it Quite hard to get things symmetrical, So i was wondering if there is a program ( hopefully free ) that i can scan in my sculpt ( lets say a batman mask ) and just Flip the image and Print out a 100% symmetrical thing.

is this Possible? :smiley: thank you!

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You could try 123d catch from autodesk… it uses images to make a composite in 3d… I think it gives you a .stl file which you could put in Cura (3d printing software). Suggest you also check out Blender as it can do some really interesting things once u work out how to use it. All software packages u are either free or shareware

I’ve had some experience with 3D scans and I’ve found that many of the freeware programs struggle to cope with the size that scans can climb to. I’d recommend MeshMixer (in conjunction with 123D catch) as it’s an easy to use program that could be relevant to your sculpting work.

Let us know how you go!