3D Scanning

A while back i saw some advertising for the “RevoPoint Mini” and went ‘ah yeah, looks pretty good’ and threw some money at an early bird on their kickstarter.

I’ve gotten it a little while ago and jesus theres a learning curve. I wont go into too much moaning but this dudes experience was extremely similar to mine: 3D Scanning is Hard! - YouTube

It seems like the revopoint is really good for very small things on the turntable. But the moment you try and pick it up and scan a bigger thing it just cant cope, immediately loses tracking etc. This may 100% be operator error, I’m still learning how to get the best out of these things.

I do have to say though that the revopoint software is … really rough. Like an afterthought.

Pottering about the internet I came across this video review: The best Consumer 3D Scanner? Einstar full review… - YouTube

And I have to say, that software the scanner is operating with is 100x better than the revopoint stuff. One of the scanners in the video is about $1500, which is not too bad. See here: Einstar Portable Handheld 3D Scanner by Shining 3D - 3D Printer Superstore

It seems that scanners seem to be 500-2000ish, then like one or two at 5k, then 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k, 35k so on so forth. See here for this artec scanner: Wireless Handheld 3D Scanner | Artec Leo, they’re meant to be absolutely amazing but not for the home gamer. Just the software is $1200/yr.

I’ve not used the spaces scanner, but its a shining3d as well. I know we have gone through a fair bit of pain re licensing with it, but dunno how good it actually is.

Anyone else playing about in this space and have insights to add? I’m very new at all this and trying to get a grasp on whats possible, reasonable etc.