3rd june chemical tip run

Hi everybody, I know is a bit late but worth the try. Tomorrow the 3rd of june is collection day on the tip in ferny groove. What this means is that they’ll be taking all the odd chemicals, like every car fluid not just engine oil, solvents and other chemicals.
This happens every couple of months, and the location changes. So it would be good to take advantage of this.

Probably a good oportunity to take care of the random bottles we have laying around.
I’m happy to do the run, i dont expect to see much to drop, but i need another volunteer with a vehicle suitable to transport the chemicals. Like i said, i dont think we have much.

Calling the usual suspects to see if they recall any chemical they want to get rid properly.

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I think I still have a bottle of waste oil that needs to go. I should be in on Saturday morning.