40w Laser gun

This guy is crazy. thought everyone might enjoy this video


Woah! That’s crazy. That feels bad for my eyes even on video!
I can’t see any good coming from that thing existing…

Sent it to my boss, he comes in and asks how we can make one as he brings back 3W lasers from Thailand on a regular basis.


This may be really cool but as the only person at the space who has the legal ability to own a >1mW portable laser, and as the guy who will be the FIRST one the police confront if any incidents happen, I cannot recommend that we build something like this at the space. Especially since we’re near the airport. It absolutely falls under the classification of an energy-based weapon and needs licensing. Heck, my goggles are specifically designed to block that wavelength and they don’t have the ability to adequately block this.

…But what you build outside the space in your own home is not my business. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure 40W lasers are legal for anyone, astronomy license or not. (outside of industrial applications of course)

I’m not suggesting anyone make this… but if you are going to, please consider making it non-portable, which under the legislation means that it doesn’t run off batteries. If you make it run from a cord, to a wall-wart, or other appropriate plug-in-to-the-wall power supply, then a bunch of silly regulations stop applying.

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What about hooking it up to a Nuclear power pack with a half life of 5000 years.