5/11/2023 BBQ @ Haven Red Hill Community Center

Hi everybody! We will have a BBQ next Sunday 5/11/2023 from 11 AM to 2 PM on the Haven Red Hill Community Center.

Food and drinks are BYO. (Sorry no alcohol this time!)

The idea is to share a moment and have a laugh. Bring your family and friends. Everybody is invited!

If you’re coming it will be great if you can RVSP down below.

Sunday 19th, a beautiful day, 17 to 27, no rain,

the fortnightly BBQ at Slaughter Falls,

Google Maps (at the very end of that road)
around midday, good walks, shade, cooking - come and put your feet up and have a yarn. More details coming.
Kyia will be away on Sunday, so we won’t be at The Haven this Sunday as she has to arm the security when we leave. Enjoy your trip, Kyia.

Put the date for our Xmas BBQ in your diary:

Sunday, 3rd Dec at The Haven at Red Hill