A couple of questions - Newbie

Hey guys! I just found this amazing concept called makerspaces on reddit and found you!

So a little about me, my names Adam, I live on the gold coast and at the ripe age of 28 I think I finally found what truly interests me in life - inventing. I want to learn everything and anything to do with machining and metal fabrication to bring my ideas to life. I’m currently mastering CAD in my spare time to visualise my ideas and eventually 3D print some prototypes.

I work minimal hours so I have a lot of free time due to a motorbike injury I sustained a few years ago. I’ve approached businesses on the gold coast (machining /engineer businesses specifically) asking them if they wanted someone to help them with anything in exchange for experience not money, with no luck sadly. Which makes sense, I’ll probably be more of a hassle than useful. This is where when I googled and found you guys I was extremely delighted to know I have the opportunity to learn these specialised skills / machinery.

I got a question - I will be attending tomorrow nights meetup but I’m pretty impulsive so I wanted quick answers :slight_smile:

I’m extremely interested in machining, metal work, digital fabrication and anything mechanical.

With no previous experience in these fields what is the process one needs to follow to obtain access to use this kind of machinery (lathes etc)? Do I need to obtain tickets?

I see on the website you hold events (Which I plan on completing, MIG welding coming up for example) but they are spaced out over months… Does this mean I cannot use any of the machinery until one of these events come up and I pass them proving my competency? I’m a bit confused on how this all works!

Thanks a lot and looking forward to meeting you guys tomorrow night!

Good to meet you. Basically we’re a volunteer run organisation, so above all else, support etc is a best effort approach by members.

The general process for getting access to tools is to demonstrate your competency to the leader of the cause that tool belongs to. If you have no experience with the machines I’d suggest watching heaps of videos, read our wiki (here) and try to organise a time where someone can come in and supervise you. If you sign up to become a member, you can easily drop a message in the relevant cause channel and hope someone has some time to help. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a course/workshop to be run sorry. During the sign up process we run a ~30 minute site induction that goes through everything in more detail.