A geocache at Hacker Space

Hi all. I am really keen to set up a geocache here at Hacker Space and have been talking about it for a few years but now it’s time to do something about it. I’m happy to coordinate and help with the build BUT I don’t have much technical skill and need some help.
I envisage what’s called a gadget cache- some cool electronics that require the visitor to complete a task to open the cache (possibly a drawer that contains the log book). It has been suggested placing it where the old telephone is by the front door- power and/or wifi would be easy to organise there too. I’ll need to get permission from the land owner once I have more idea of design and placement.
I am wondering if anyone in The Space is interested in joining a small group to brainstorm and make the (electronic???) gadget for this geocache? Please let me know if you’d like to help. Without expertise, I won’t be able to do it (or it would be terribly lame!)
Answers to some questions I am anticipating:
I haven’t checked the geocaching rules yet as to whether we can shamelessly plug Hacker Space or whether we will be more subtle, but it’s bound to be popular and it’s bound to bring attention to the space regardless. I hope to use it as a showcase for the space.
Check out the geocaching website if you don’t know what it is. Most geocaches are simple containers hidden at the published GPS coordinates. Some have multiple stages, some have a puzzle to solve, some use VR software etc. Gadget caches like I am suggesting are pretty rare and usually popular. There is a code of ethics and most cachers are respectful, especially when a lot of work has obviously been put into a cache. Things do go missing and get broken though.
There may be insurance issues to consider onsite. I’m very open to suggestions (especially as when it comes to the technical side, I am very reliant on others’ input), and am aware there may be implications for Hacker Space that I haven’t considered.
Yes, I am prepared to coordinate it all.

I hope this is something that someone thinks sounds fun. I think it would be great fun from a geocacher’s perspective and might bring in some new members too!

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