About the Blacksmithing and Casting category

The Blacksmithing and Casting Cause is about creative outlet through fire and hot metal! whether you’re interested in traditional smithing techniques or want to cast from a 3D printed form, we’re interested in it all! Cause meetings/updates 2nd Tuesday of every month around 6pm.

Some things to consider in any discussion replies below:

  • This category is for discussion of smithing or casting projects, tools, machines, forges, furnaces, fuels and forming metal through processes that are not CNC, modern welding, turning or machining.

  • Smithing and casting are a unique set of skills and abilities that are vastly different to modern metalworking. being able to program a CNC won’t help you raise a helm with little more than a fire, a hammer and an anvil!

  • If you have experience, share it! if you need help, ask!