About the CNC category

All about the CNC machines at HSBNE, and any CNC machines members may own themselves at home. Also on topic is CAD/CAM and other parts of the software stack that are part of operating CNC machines.

HSBNE currently has these CNC Machines:

    The Blue Elephant Full Sheet Router in Woodshop
    The TopTech M4 Milling Centre in Metalshop
  • NdYAG
    The Golden Laser NdYAG Metal laser cutter in Metalshop
  • Red Small
    The large format CO2 laser in DigiFab
  • Red Big
    The small format CO2 laser in DigiFab

HSBNE currently offers these CAD/CAM packages:

  • Fusion360
  • Solidworks
  • V-Carve Pro Makerspace Edition