Accessible storage space for cables and connectors?

Lots of them floating around (esp. in BoneYard) and would’t be of use unless pigeonholed. But the pidgeon holds next to the first aid box is too small for them. Examples:

  • audio cables
  • usb cables
  • vga cables
  • power cords
  • phone cords
    (I don’t mean the power adaptors, they are too big to be pigeonholed

There used to be some ‘shelving’ made of PVC pipes that might work for this. The shelves might be in the boneyard, or in the storage room next to the lounge.

There are a lot of cardboard tubes/baby formula containers in the room to the right of Member Storage. If you want to build some cable storage out of that that’d be ace :smile:

The closet thing for containers for that purpose in the small room next to member storage is the paper cylinders, but they are bulky.

Instead of pigeon holes, we can use nails, because the object we are talking about are cables. We can use a side of a wall, put nails on and hang cables on nails. Use some weight (clinchers or rubber bands) to make the cables straight. This can be done by putting a long wooden bar on top of the soldering station / oscillograph table where it would be supported by the pillar extended from the desk at two ends, and nailing nails to the wooden bar. Anyone with this woodwork skill? This is something can be done with little objection, because it can be moved to any desk that have these extended pillar, and there are 7 such desks, one of them will be acceptable. This device can be called ‘harp’ because cables are stretched straight like strings. A good wood worker can some time later make a harp-like shape to adapt cables of different lengths as an improvement.