Acrylic demo box

I recently needed to prototype out a friction-fit acrylic box. In the process I decided to make another demo piece of things that can be done on the laser cutter!

Because these things are handy to show off to visitors during tours, here’s some details so you know all about it:

  • The box shape itself was all generated by using the DisplayCase template with zero modifications by me. It took only two prototypes until I had a perfect snug friction fit, however for long-term longevity around the hackerspace it’s been glued together
  • The top face has the HSBNE logo cut as a 3-dimensional solid engraving with the tips of the flame cut deeper than the base of the flame along a gradient
  • One side has the letters HSBNE cut out of it
  • One side has “Build Something Amazing” done as a standard raster-filled solid engraving
  • One side has the HSBNE logo as a vector marking outline
  • The bottom face has the HSBNE logo as a faint crazing effect with no actual acrylic material removed, only the surface finish changed