Advice for a project

Hello dear metalworkers,

As a lowly woodworker I was hoping someone might offer me some advice on a project that involves metal.

I’m making a kitchen island bench, that needs white metal legs. I currently have a set of new black powdercoated steel legs that I need to paint white.

Does anyone have some experience here that may be able to offer advice for:

  • what paint to use?
  • how to paint it? (I think I saw a Wagner paint sprayer in the wood shop :thinking:)
  • where is an appropriate place to paint said legs at HSBNE without making an inappropriate mess?



powder coatings can be all sorts… acrylic, polyester, epoxy or polyurethane… the general rule is use a degreaser first, sand surface with 180grit to give paint something to grip onto, wipe down with IPA, and test your chosen primer with a dab on an inconspicuous spot by putting a dap, leave it an hr, and see if it wipes off, it shouldnt. Change primer if it does. Prime and top coat in usual manner for your paint.

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