Agenda for next meeting (compressor)

I would like to purchase some air hose, connectors etc so we can have each workshop(4) fitted out with an air hose from the compressor. I think there is one or two hose reels around these could be linked to the main line.
Also dont use the compressor as its low on oil, ill look at it when i get a chance but i think it might have a leak around the drain hole.

if you tell me what you want I will try and get it donated. I have good contacts and could probably get someone out to have a look at the job, advise us and supply the materials. It won’t be a bunnings sort of thing and could probably get it donated.


There actually is already an air system in the building, just only spans from the CNC side of the warehouse to the room next to woodwork, I believe. It’s all steel tube, but should be easy to add onto. Some of the outlets are dodgy (rusty/not sealing) but the pipework definitely holds pressure.

Quick update, @rut4ger and I moved the compressor out to its cage behind the warehouse. Power is hooked up and the air is feeding into the current system. Currently switched off.

Definitely looks like the leak is coming from the drain hole/sight glass. Might need some more oil for when that gets fixed.


Thats been on my low priority todo for… quite a while now. Mad props for getting it done.

great job guys
i should have some spare compressor oil in my shed ill bring along when i have a look at the leak.

I’ve got some air lines to donate.

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I have fixed the leak and refilled the compressor with oil, also lubricated the air hose couplers so it now works great.
One thing i noticed but im not sure if the compressors supposed to have one, but under the bell housing on the motor there looks like there should be some fan blades to keep the motor cool and its not there so maybe its either not supposed to have one but if it is maybe somone can make one with the 3d printer?
Also to get air hose to the metal lathe room we need some air hose so if @rut4ger has enough that would be great, we can run it up along the rafters into metal room.
things needed are some fittings, moisture trap and pressure regulator.

I just bought some ebay pressure regs too for an oil burner, I’ve got a couple of them spare. I’ll be buying some airfittings in the near future too so I’ll grab some extras and we can get it all plumbed in.

It looks like you are all working stuff out. Good job. If you have anything to add to the agenda, provide a dollar value as well. I’ll be posting the agenda in another topic. Keep in mind we a financially in a dire position.

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