Agenda Item for Next Meeting (Kickstarter Campaign)

Hi Guys here is the latest version of the Kickstarter page:

I hope that you will like it and support it at the next meeting.

Please Note:
1 the dates referred to on the page will need to be revised
2 While there are two plaque designs, most likely only the second one will remain on the page
3 not sure whether it looks better to show the “plotter” in progress or not (you will understand what I am talkng about when looking in the"Rewards" section (any suggestions are welcome).
4 (Important) any additional suggestions for rewards are welcome.



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Looking good, I see a lot of changes from when I last looked.
One question, the goal is set to 20k, does this mean if it doesn’t reach 20k we don’t get the money?

Cool, keen to see this go through a meeting Victor :smiley:

I’ll add two items.

  • Potentially reimbursement of lukes expenditure on the armoury so far.
  • $400 budget to complete the project and deliver approx 20 boxes. ($160
    for acrylic sheet, $125 for 10 more solenoids, $50-100 for 1-2 plywood
    sheets. $40 for 20 sets of hinges)

At the moment yes. The initial goal could technically be lowered, but I feel that to really provide the space with the “Push” it needs, at least $20,000 are necessary.