AGM coming soon! - We want you to run HSBNE!

Hi All,

I am sorry to have left you all suddenly to pursue a dream of making my own company. Things are going well for me in Japan.

With the upcoming AGM I really want people to who are contributing to the space (or seriously want to, and have the means to!) to step up and aim for executive positions.

I will list the executive roles we currently have and the qualities that we really need in people who take on these positions (feel free to add to this and modify it in comments, as this is just my opinion)

President: Communication (Verbal, Written), Vision, Energy, Diplomacy and Organization.
Vice President: Communication (Verbal, Written), Eager to help and support.
Treasurer: Communication (Written), Numeracy, Attention to detail, Methodical.
Secretary: Communication(Verbal, Written), Punctual, Reliable, Attention to Detail.
Old Fart: Communication(Verbal, Written), Wise, Respected.

It is critical that we fill these positions with people who can do the job. I know that some of the people I would like to suggest apply will not, however I will list my personal suggestions here:

Victor: President or Vice President - he has the passion and has contributed outstandingly with our Kickstarter campaign preparation.
Mike: Treasurer or Secretary - he has the attention to detail and methodical nature required for both these roles. It is a shame he is so busy :stuck_out_tongue:
Boo: Please consider taking on Vice President if the position remains open. It would be awesome for all.

Please don’t let us have mediocre executives just because there is nobody else applying. Stand up, make a difference and help make HSBNE more awesome! (or just not suck and keep it running smoothly!)

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Has a date been set yet for the AGM?

If we’re going to name people we’d like to see in executive positions, then i’d like to suggest the following people (in no particular) give thought to standing (if they haven’t already) in no particular order because I believe they care enough about the space to be great executives.

  • Brendans (Hally and Carmichael)
  • Mike Ando
  • Boo
  • Simeon

HSBNE needs more people to give back to be the great place I hope to see it as one day and I believe these people are equipped with all the metaphorical tools to inspire that.

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I would like to see

Luke stand again as treasurer

Buzz as old fart (rules should be changed so that old fart gets voted
every year and you can stand every year if you like.)

Would love to see Mike as Secretary but I don’t know if he would stand up
for the position.

Boo, Simeon, Josh, Ben, Brendan, James, Sven and Karl should fight it out
in a ring for the rest of the positions.

I really think even though it may not show all the time i think Josh should
be voted in as president. It may look like we fight like cats and dogs but
I do think he would do an excellent job.

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The AGM, unless otherwise announced, is the Third Tuesday of May.