Air-hockey table needs a home

The air-hockey table is in the space I’d like to use for my new cause, and it’s unusable where it is now. I had ideas of moving it into the quad and piping the air from behind the warehouse to reduce noise and make it more social. If it’s outside, I would make a waterproof cover for it.

Ideas for storage:

  • Clipped up against a wall in a bracket and pulled down to use.
  • Attached to legs that bolt to the ground to keep it earthbound.
  • There might be room for the air blower to fit in the case with the laser cutters extractor and have the table on wall brackets over there.
  • It was suggested it could just be used as a table in the Green Room

I will help to make arrangements for it, but could use some help and also want to know members opinions on what should happen to it.

I like the quad idea. If it’s outside the laser-room window it’s not in the way, but still social. And like you said, there’s a handy sound-deadening box right there.

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is it rain/weather safe? Would we need to make a cover or elastic cornered tarp?

From what I’ve been told, the top of the table is laminate over MDF. That will swell up and become unusable in the rain. This might not be true though, and that area next to the laser room would be great for convenience. It would be blocking access to a fire hose there, but last I checked that fire hose was not functioning.

fire equipment onsite is tested and tagged, according to code, and should all work. it does require you to turn on both the tap, and the nozzle, so maybe you didn’t do it right?

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Boo said she’d make a cover (first post).


Yeah the two fire hoses on the warehouse side of the greenroom work, they were used to help unblock the drain. Pretty pathetic flow though.

I was thinking on the green room side of the sound proof box. I could use help with making some nice stable legs for it… I might see what we have tonight at Welding class. I was going to make a tarp for the table top, but the way I do it depends on how people want it to be stored. If we just bolt it in place on it’s legs, I’ll make a fitted sheet style one, but if it gets clipped to the wall, it’ll have to be like a full slip-over cover.