Announcement: Metalshop Shuffle

Metalshop is getting reorganised, here are the details from @reatek66:

heads up, for those that are unaware, metal shop will be undergoing a shuffle around of the machines to improve the layout. the propose date for this the 23-Jan-2021. There a couple of options of achieving this: we use the transport company that transported the lazer to the site, there costs are $305 +gst per hour. min of 2 hours which includes 1 hour travell time, which leaves 1 hour on site. i think will would need 2 hours on site. total of $1006.50 keep in mind this is during the week hours. Saturday rate is $395 +gst per hour with a min. of 4 hours. total price for a saturday = $1738 we could shop around for other transport/crane companies. or purchase some slings, and skids for about $1200 and move the machines ourselfs.

Metal shop shuffle and clean up.
Saturday the 23rd of January 2021 9am start.

  1. Rearrange machines as per the floor plan.
  2. Sweep and clean floor.
  3. Remove unwonted items
  4. Remove steel, mark and store else ware.
  5. Clean up and sort out welding trolley into new cabinet with labelling.
  6. Clean and oil machine.
  7. Take pitchers of machines and accessories of the machines for wiki.
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