ANTL Test Lab - gear to giveaway

Hi, its that time of year again and I have stuff I need to clear out from the lab, I have some solar heating gear, but also a water drinking fountain, stepper motors, bare steel water tanks, they are too good to bin so if someone from the Space wants to come along I will be happy to help load them up.

I am also currently testing some large solar heating panels for a EU client - they arent taking them back so they will be available in a month or so when testing is finished. they are 6 x 2m and would be equivalent to a 10kW boiler.

Drop me a line if you are interested.

Regards Richard

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Hi Richard,

As well as being the person with the ute that picks up stuff, I am now the boneyard cleaner.

I’ll contact you via email to workout a time unless someone else pipes up here that they desperately want to do the driving around instead of me :slight_smile:

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What type of drinking fountain is it, one you can drink from the top of directly or only one to fill water bottles? If you can drink directly from it we’d definitely be interested in grabbing that. Solar heating panels would be cool but we don’t have a need for anything that big.

We have a plumbing connected water fountain, it would need you to buy a couple of fittings to connect to the water plumbing, we also have smaller hot water collectors if you want some. I have message Andrew as he has a ute and might swing by so have a chat with him.’

Huh; small world. I’ve been trying to figure out what those panels were in my carpark for ages!