Any old laser printers?

So I think something like this (If it works of course :stuck_out_tongue:), would be totally awesome at the 'Space.

Does anybody have any old laser printers hanging about gathering dust they’d feel ok with being totally butchered in the name of science? Main requirements are that they still print, or would print if new toner were put in them.

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there’s a couple of overly large ones at the space… but probably not really what u are looking for… my old company ( AeroCare) just recently ( 3monthsish) donated a giant full-color A3 HP printer/scanner combo that is/was fully working, and has toner in it. u could butcher that… but its probably better done with a smaller desktop unit…?

Well, size just makes storing it ackward, the most important thing I can see is that having manual feed helps a lot with the modifications.

Speaking of laser printers, I thought I should ask in this thread… I’m looking for an old industrial large-format laser printer from the 70s/80s that has a movable head. For a brief period of time, early large-format laser printers were essentially a small laser printer head attached to an X/Y gantry - kindof like a plotter but using laser toner. The rest of the printer can be completely broken, but so long as the head is at least repairable I’m willing to pay thousands of dollars as this is for a commercial job and there’s no time limit. I’ve searched high and low and found nothing, and I’ve set up a whole stack of alerts in case one gets listed in the various auction houses. If anyone knows where I can acquire one, or sees one in their travels, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Look in the back corner of the chem lab; Alan offloaded a printer or two there when the boneyard was inaccessible (but they might be inkjets, I can’t remember.)

I’m going to bring a Samsung CLP 300 colour laser and some other stuff to leave the boneyard tonight.

I saw a Brother HL-2142 printer in the boneyard on tuesday; I think this might actually be suitable for modification.