Anyone interested in helping me build my 3D printer?

Hi All,

Years ago I bought a Rostock Max V1, which I’m in the middle of building at the moment. I’m a bit out of my depth, so I was thinking I could maybe park it in the green room and have it be a bit of a group project if some other members are interested? The build volume is huge and I’d leave it at the space for communal use :slight_smile:

I’m happy to help out :slight_smile:

Awesome XD I’ll try to get it to the space before Tuesday

I built my Rostock Max V2 a few months back, might be able to help you out (I’m about to upgrade my Rostock with a 24V PSU and some other stuff :slight_smile: )

It’d be worth visiting the SeeMeCNC shop and investigating the upgrade kit for your V1. Easier to do the upgrade now than after finishing it.

Ooh you have first hand experience with one of these beasts! Your help is very welcome. I’d love to invest in some upgrades but unfortunately my budget is $0 at the moment :frowning:

The printer is now in the green room! Build log here: