Anyone interested in helping me change a gearbox ... in exchange for beer?

I have a subaru that needs it’s gearbox replaced. I’m getting the replacement one delivered ( any day now) , and am looking for someone who might be able to help me with the switch-around. The professionals tell me it will be a couple of hours to get the old one out, and a couple of hours to get the new one in. So, lets say it’s most of a days work for a couple of pseudo-amateurs . I will be buying $100 of beer for whoever might be able to help me. This will be a greasy dirty job, and gearboxes are heavy, so it’s not for the faint-of-heart. .

Please post your interest to this thread.


Love to help, though won’t be back till late Saturday due to attending

Sure, let me know when you plan on doing it.

Can help maybe if on a weekend, let me know

The gearbox has arrived! I’m looking to do the gearbox work on Sunday ( day after tomorrow) starting from 10am. Who’s in?

If i’m there i can lend a hand but not 100%. I’ve done change overs on commodores, i suspect its the same.