Anyone own a Fabtotum printer or know someone who does?

Anyone own a Fabtotum printer or know someone who does? Mine only worked for a week then gave a head error, after weeks/months back and forth to the tech people, they believe it’s the head rather than the carriage at fault. It would be nice to confirm if it’s the head by trying it on another printer before they ask me to pay to ship it back to them only to find out it wasn’t the head after waiting weeks for a new unit :slight_smile:

Hey Troy,

I think I spoke to you on Tuesday about this at your work? One of our previous members has one, I’m not sure if he’s on these forums at the moment so I’ll direct him to this post for you :slight_smile:

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Ah cheers, yer that was me, thought it might be a bit rude to ask at the time.

I can bring my fabtotum along next Tuesday.


That would be great, I’ll bring the whole thing also. It would be good to talk to someone else about their experience, haven’t gotten anything usable from the 3d scanner yet, for example.

I haven’t tried the scanning yet, but was able to get some good initial prints before i started having trouble with the extruder and the hotend.

I’ve also had some results with milling wood, and am slowly making progress with aluminium.