Applications to become a Moderator under the New Moderation Policy

As part of the new Moderation policy that the executive has rolled out we are asking for applications to become a Moderator for our communications platforms including:

  • Discord
  • Member’s Forum
  • Social Media
  • Wiki

We will be working with people who currently have moderator status to transition to the new policy.

Moderators will be governed by the Moderation Policy, found here:

To become a Moderator, you will have to sign a volunteer contract with the executive, similar to a team member contract. The contract can be found here:

If you would like to become moderator, please express your interest here.

I’d like to apply for moderator access to all of those (and any other) communications platforms.

I would like to express my interest in being a Moderator at HSBNE for any and all comunications platforms.

Due to the stress involved with being a moderator, and the new requirements under the moderation policy, I would like to retract this request and no longer wish to be a moderator.