Arcade cabinets and pinball machine for games area

Hi All,

I’ve made some progress on getting the Arcade cabinets and the pinball machine up and running for the games area.

The large MAME cabinet is now operational and the pinball machine is almost ready as well.

The monitor in the small cocktail arcade cabinet has a blown fuse, so hopefully it should be an easy fix.

The pinball machine is still a bit flaky at the moment. On the CPU card internally it uses a type of Utilux IDC connector which are notoriously unreliable, and are now nearly 40 years old! I have ordered some
replacements which I should get in the next week or so, and hopefully then it should be reliable enough to leave on for members to play (It is currently set to free play if you want to try it).

There is some work I would like to do on the MAME cabinet to tidy it up and make it easier for member use (again this will be free play) if anyone would like to help.

  1. Draft and laminate an instruction sheet (How to start up and shutdown cabinet, how to use game selection menu, control panel shortcuts for insert coin, pause, exit, etc).

  2. Replace T-moulding (I will order this today).

  3. Replace faded artwork on sides of cabinet.

  4. Construct wooden shelf inside cabinet to properly mount the PC (currently it is sitting loose).

Message me on 0488721393 if you would like to help.



Hi Lionel, the drafting of an instruction sheet I can add to the list for the Saturday Working Bee, is there any documentation you can send or point in the direction of?