Are people going to hackspace on Boxing Day?

The reason I am asking is because I have lost my enter card and was wondering if anyone else would be there to let us in.
Also I would like to know who owns/is responsible for the lithium drill battery’s as I have a project coming up that would require a lot of them

Hey Adam, have you told anyone about losing your card? We need to disable the lost card immediately. Otherwise you may be held responsible for anything that happens if someone finds your card. Please PM me on slack if you haven’t let any of the exec know yet or if you want to organise a new one.

How many batteries did you need? All of the cells that have been removed from the drill packs (ie individual cells) and are sitting in the black storage tub in the green room are mine. However, there should be a tub right next to it with lots of (dusty) drill battery packs that are still half assembled. You’re free to use whatever you would like out of there. Just take what you need as you need them. Check with @buzz or @Svenska first as I think it was one of them that helped organise the current lot.

Also, just in case you’re unaware. There is a lot of work involved with processing the lithium cells. For each individual cell you can probably spend 3-5 minutes or more. This adds up quickly when you get into the hundreds or thousands. You have to extract them all from the drill packs, clean them up and cut off all the sharp tabs, re heat shrink all the broken/torn ones, voltage test each cell, fully charge and discharge each cell and then try to create packs by grouping similar cells. Then you have to work out your battery management/charging system.

Only go down this route if you’re happy to throw away at least a few weeks learning etc. :slight_smile: I’d be happy to help out if I’m around. What are the batteries for?

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I need the cells for a electric bike battery pack. I have three cases I need to fill with cells and they each need about 52 individual cells so it is going to need a lot of work to get them to work.

I’d be interested in learning a bit more about this too but won’t be in until new year.

In my case I just want a small 4-cell pack to replace the 6-cell AA pack in this:

Plan is basically to build a 0-12V power supply into the kit; using a STM32F103VE to drive some MOSFETs via PWM and monitor voltage/current via some INA219s to give me constant voltage/constant current. I figure four cells in series will be sufficient, but I’m not sure what people are doing for a cell balancer on these things.