Argon Gas Refil

So unfortunately the Argon tank that we got 2 weeks ago is already emptied by the new TIG.

As far as I know, the Welding cause does not have enough cause funds to purchase a refill.

Some members have said they’ll chip in for a refill, can anyone who is willing to chip in for the refill please post in here with the value you’re willing to chip in.

Lower flow rates might be in order :slight_smile:

Too high a flow rate and you “aspirate” air into the shield gas which is as bad as too low a flow rate.

Also look at gas lenses for your hand piece. I have never fitted mine because I do such little welding, but if you are going to be TIG-ing enough to blow a bottle every few weeks, it will be well worth a lens for the $.

Also once the novlety of TIG has worn off - go back to the MIG for welding up your benches/tables/etc. MIG = lot cheaper to run.

$20. btw Some time back I sent $80 in to get HS a one year 4zzz community organisation subscription but that failed to get traction. If it’s possible, I’d be quite happy for that to go toward the argon refill costs.