Argon Laser Photocoagulator - Useful or not?

I was out installing some equipment today and in the storage area which is housing the plant equipment was a Coherent Ultima 2000 SE Argon Laser Photocoagulator (Build Date 1996). The landlord was talking about throwing it away and I mentioned I might like to grab it. He wasn’t sure if it works or not as the tenant has moved out and it was left behind with a few other things in the storage area. He is happy for it to go, but before I lug a 30kg bit of kit out of there, can anyone think of a project worth using it on?

I’ve no idea what to use it for, but Lasers are awesome, so if you decide you don’t want it, grab it anyway, as I’ll take it off your hands. :slight_smile: Depending on the power/specs depends on what it’s useful for, but a quick google seartch tells me it was used for eye-surgery, so it’s at least powerful-enough to burn organic things ( like eyes , or wood ) , so it might make a small engraver…?

the below link suggest it’s max output power is 1.5W , so it’s not massively powered, and won’t cut through anything significant…